Over 20 years in research and development in food processing and whole grain, Staple Food Inc proudly presents VitaGrains, a product that could improve your health in various ways and give you a chance in realizing your dream of a perfect health. 

Realizing your dreams

With VitaGrains, you could achieve your dream of a perfect health. With just a sack of VitaGrains per day. 

Science behind VitaGrains 

Achievements by VitaGrains 

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Science behind VitaGrains

No matter how you look at it , 20 years is no short period. Our Research and Development team in food processing and whole grains business for over 20 years, proudly presents VitaGrains. By using multiple whole grains blended to its finest around 5~20 micron at a low temperature to keep its natural nutrients eliminating the need of adding any addictive for rapid absorption.  

What is a Whole Grain ? 

To keep it simple, a product contains whole grains means everything in the grain from the Germ to the Bran is used in the product. A whole grain contains a Bran (outer layer), an Endosperm (inner layer) and a Germ (core). Each contains a specific source of vitamins and minerals. 


The most outer layer of a grain, filled with fiber, vitamin B complex and various minerals.


The inner layer which is the source of carbohydrates and protein. 


The core of the grain, rich in nutrients such as Phyto-Nutrients, Anti-oxidant, vitamin E, vitamin B complex and healthy fatty acids.

Benefits of whole grain 

There are scientifically proven that 100% whole grains bring many benefits due to its natural properties are retained and nor removed as compared to a refined grain where some nutrients which lie in the bran and germ are removed. 


Some Benefits of Whole Grain are: 

Rich in Fiber ( soluble and non-soluble)

  Effective in helping in increasing insulin and lowering risk of diabetes.

High in Protein but low in calories and fat 

   Increase satiety in order to achieve good weight management.

Antioxidant and PhytoNutrients 

  Anti-aging agents and effective in combating cardiac diseases. 

Rich in protein, vitamin B complex and minerals

Essential ingredients for cell reproduction and repair. 

So which Whole Grain is better ? 

As there is no superior whole grain which could replace all, VitaGrains consist of various whole grains, each contributing its vitamins, hence the name, VitaGrains. 

Whole Barley

Whole Barley or specifically Six Row Barley, imported from North America, contains a specific type of fiber which few grains contains, known as beta-glucan which help in reducing cholesterol levels by removing cholesterol from the digestive system. 

Whole Blackrice

Whole Black Rice or known as Niaw Dam Pleuak Khao (PK) in its native language, imported from Thailand are rich in general nutritional values as well as a staple source of Iron, Vitamin E and antioxidants. It’s bran hull (outermost layer) contains one of highest level of anthocyanin antioxidants in food source, which benefits the kidney, stomach, and liver.

Whole Millet

Whole Millet, specifically Proso Millet, imported from the Asia are rich in iron and phosphorus. Besides that, with a whole millet, the bran layer which are rich in B-complex vitamins are also fine grained. Not wasting any valuables in the grain. Another benefit of whole millet are it’s natural high fiber content which helps in digestion and relieve constipation.

Whole Oat

Whole Oat, or specifically Avena Sativa (Oat Straw) imported from North America, contains avenanthramides, a specific antioxidant which are unique to whole oat, could help prevent free radicals from damaging LDL cholesterol, that could help reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Whole Sorghum

Whole Sorghum which is a staple food for millions of people in the region of Asia and Africa, due to its rich source of energy, proteins and various vitamins and minerals, especially B-complex vitamins which are concentrated in the germ and the seed coat. This helps to replenish energy, keeping you active throughout the day

Whole Wheat

Whole Wheat, specifically red hard spring wheat, imported from North America, contains an impressive source of dietary fiber, manganese, and magnesium which stores in the bran and germ. This bring many benefits but it is best in improving digestion and improving constipation. 

Achievements by VitaGrains 

100% Natural 

Natural organic non-GMO raw ingredient important from around the world 

Health Certified

Certified and proved by many organization and governments to be YOUR #1 CHOICE.

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See health changing results after just a month of using VitaGrains. 

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